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Phrase by Phrase

Pronunciation and Listening in American English

Phrase by Phrase DVDs

A comprehensive pronunciation program with book, 5 CDs and 5 DVDs – Ask about online access.

by Marsha Chan

Sharpen your pronunciation skills with this user-friendly text-audio-video program. Watch the mouth in motion, hear and reproduce the melody of English. In 16 lively and superbly explained lessons, you will increase your control of American English rhythm, stress, intonation, and you will articulate your vowels and consonants more clearly. Gain confidence as you speak with precision and comfort. Phrase by Phrase Pronunciation digital video discs are suitable for individuals, face-to-face classrooms, distance education classes, media centers, libraries, and teacher training.

16 lessons on 5 DVDs

PHRASE BY PHRASE Pronunciation DVDs are designed for non-native speakers of English who wish to make their speech more intelligible. The lessons are presented in a systematically organized learning program. The videos help learners develop auditory sensitivity - you hear sounds and sound patterns better. The exercises allow you to improve accuracy, fluency, and ease in your oral production of English - you speak more clearly and confidently. You'll enjoy interesting stories, lively dialogs, and vivid demonstrations of how to produce sounds.

In the 16 lessons of Phrase by Phrase, you will learn the key characteristics of accent: stress, intonation, reduction, and linking. These characteristics are reinforced and expanded upon throughout the videotape series. These features - called suprasegmentals by linguists - are essential in giving English its distinct rhythm and melody. Stress, rhythm and intonation are also the key factors in making pronunciation intelligible. No matter what your native language is, you will profit from an understanding and mastery of these oral language features. In addition, you will practice all of the American English vowel and consonant groups throughout the learning program.

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