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English for Child Development

Language Skills
for Parents and Providers

ECD cover

by Marianne Brems, Marsha Chan, and Julaine Rosner

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English for Child Development is a comprehensive text designed to meet the language requirements of adults preparing for the field of early childhood education. It provides practice for intermediate to high intermediate language learners in the integrated skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Thus, the program can be used as the core resource in a language development class for early childhood educators, child caregivers, and parents. The target audience of the book is students in the following environments:

  • community college and university ESL classes
  • adult and community education classes
  • community based English tutoring programs
  • parenting classes
  • English classes for vocational education and workertraining programs
  • au-pair English training programs

This integrated skills textbook:

  • teaches English specific to early childhood education
  • focuses on the academic language for students of child development
  • gives practical assignments for communicating orally and in writing as child care providers, in-service teachers, and parents
  • embraces the linguistic and cultural diversity of children and adults
  • includes games, songs, creative projects, and problem-solving tasks

Topics include:

  • Documenting development
  • Describing children's development
  • Factors in child development
  • Domains of child development

Child development objectives include:

  • Describing a child’s appearance
  • Describing a child care environment
  • Assessing a child’s development level
  • Writing objective child observations
  • Filling out child development profiles

Audio files, accessible online, contain:

  • Songs
  • Readings
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Conversation models
  • Listening passages
  • Dictations


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