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Murder at Ocean View College

An Exciting, Contemporary Reader for High School and Community College

MOVC book cover

by Karen Batchelor

Murder at Ocean View College is a gripping, contemporary teaching aid for remedial and reluctant readers, as well as community college, high school and adult ESL students. Written at a language level that is challenging but not too difficult, Murder at Ocean View College helps students learn vocabulary and idioms in a fun and interesting way. Jade Lee and Danny Soto are students training to become police officers. One morning Jade finds a dead English teacher on the seventh floor of Peterson Hall. As they pursue the killer, against direct orders, they face a jealous woman, a cheating football coach, and parents who are opposed to their romance - as well as an angry man with a gun! Featuring culturally diverse, multi-dimensional characters in a familiar setting, Murder at Ocean View College will keep your students learning right up to the thrilling, action-packed conclusion.


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