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Pronunciation Power

Interactive software

Pronunciation Power

Online demo

Pronunciation Power 1

Pronunciation Power 1 helps beginning to intermediate learners improve their pronunciation of the sounds of standard North American English, with exercises for 18 vowel sounds, 23 consonant sounds, and 11 consonant cluster sounds.

Pronunciation Power 2

Pronunciation Power 2 is designed for intermediate to advanced English learners of all ages and contains hundreds of hours of instruction and practice.

Commonalities of Pronunciation Power 1 and Pronunciation Power 2

These programs are excellent tools that aid students in practicing and improving their pronunciation skills through self-study. The programs can complement a teacher’s classroom learning environment; the teacher can direct the students to the lessons that would be best for them to study.

  • Simple and systematic navigation
  • Non-linear access: Students can select any section they want or need to study whenever they desire.
  • Translations in 12 languages are available for all help and vocabulary in Pronunciation Power 1 and the 8-in-1 English Dictionary: Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  • Over 1,000 hours of listening time–much more practicing time
  • Over 1800 individual practice words per level
  • Over 1200 practice sentences in each level
  • Record and playback buttons provide a feedback loop and encourage practice and self-correction.
  • Help: Instructions appear when the students drag the cursor over a button or functional area.
  • 52 lessons based on each of the 52 vowels, consonants, and consonant clusters
  • Lessons begin with a side view animation and a front view video clip.
  • Side view animation:
    • Plays the sound while displaying an animation of the mouth: lips, teeth, tongue
    • Shows air flow (full sound, released sound, obstructed sound, voice box not used, voice box used)
    • Can be played frame by frame to examine mouth or tongue position at various points
    • Can display a diagram of the mouth in a side view legend
  • Front view video:
    • Plays the sound while displaying a video clip of the mouth: lips, teeth, tongue
    • In Pronunciation Power 2, displays a “suggestion” focusing on specific sound difficulties experienced by some language groups, i.e., /l/-/r/.
  • Exercises include:
    • Sample words
    • Listening discrimination
    • Comparative words (minimal pairs)
    • Sentences
    • S.T.A.I.R. (Stress. Timing. Articulation. Intonation. Rhythm. )
  • Games are available in Pronunciation Power 1.

8-in-1 English Dictionary

The 8-in-1 English Dictionary, for beginner to intermediate learners of English, is included in Pronunciation Power 1 and is also available as a stand-alone product. Students use this dictionary to improve their pronunciation through various detailed searches of words. This dictionary is a self-study tool and is best used after the teacher has shown students all of the variety of uses of the tool. In Pronunciation Power 1 every word is hot linked to the Dictionary simply by clicking on the word.

  • Translations are available for all instructions and buttons and vocabulary. Translations for nouns (N) and verbs (V) are available in the root word only.
  • The plural forms of all nouns (N) in this program will appear on the “Center list” when students search by Sound or Text. The plural forms will appear in the “Details box” when a noun is selected for detailed viewing and practice.
  • The forms (conjugations) of all of the verbs (V) will appear on the “Center list” when students search by Sound or Text. These verb forms will appear in the “Details box” when a verb is selected for detailed viewing and practice.

Introductory English Grammar and Vocabulary

Introductory English Grammar and Vocabulary with Color Key is a grammar and vocabulary program for beginner English learners. Different colors denote the following sentence elements: noun, verb, pronoun, article, adverb, preposition, adjective.


  1. To Be
  2. Pronouns
  3. Simple Present Tense
  4. Adjectives
  5. To Have
  6. This/That/These/Those
  7. Possessive Adjectives
  8. There + Verb 'Be'
  9. Frequency Adverbs
  10. Verb 'To be' - Past Tense
  11. Simple Past Regular Verbs- Verb + -ed
  12. Simple Past Irregular Verbs
  13. Can
  14. Present Continuous Tense
  15. Future - Will
  16. Future - 'To be going to'
  17. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
  18. Pronouns - Object and Possessive
  19. Some/Any
  20. Question Words - Who, What, Where, When, How

Pronunciation Power Idioms

Pronunciation Power Idioms presents 10 idiom stems in each of three sets of exercises. For some items, students choose an explanation of an idiom in context; for others, students choose an idiom to replace a phrase in a sentence. Students can test their knowledge of idioms in the Exercise and Quiz sections.

Vocabulary Builder

Students record the words in the vocabulary list to test their pronunciation and to determine which of the sounds of English they need to improve. Once they have recorded several words a "suggested sound practice" list will appear suggesting which sounds to practice. After recording, they will see green if they have mastered a sound. An evaluation of 100% green indicates the mastery of all 52 sounds!

Speech Test

Students record sentences into a microphone, and their pronunciation is analyzed by speech recognition technology. The computerized assessment gives an overall score. For each of the 52 sounds (vowels, consonants, and consonant clusters), the assessment indicates whether the sound has been mastered, needs more practice, or is especially difficult. From the Speech Test Results page, students can click to hear each sound, as well as take note of which lessons to study. The Speech Test is available only in the online eEnglish program.

Site Licenses, Individual Installations, and Online Subscriptions

All of the programs described above are included in the online web-based eEnglish program, which can be purchased for subscriptions of one, three, six, and 12 months.

All of the programs described above, with the exception of the Vocabulary Builder and the Speech Test, are available for installation (Mac and Win) and site licensing, separately or in combination.

Click here for individual online subscriptions of 1, 3, 6, 12 months.

Click here to inquire about individual and site licensing.