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Phrase by Phrase Pronunciation
Screen Shots and Sound Bites

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What's for Dinner?
Rising and Falling Intonation
Statement Intonation
Yes/No Question Intonation
Wh- Question Intonation
Choice Question Intonation
Listing Intonation
Reductions: *hafta, *hasta, *wanna, *whaddaya, *kin

Father's Idea of Fun
/f/, as in fall
/v/, as in very
Vowel Length
Introductory Phrase Intonation
Contrastive Stress and Intonation


A Sunday Outing
Reductions: *Gonna, *Oughta, *Dunno
Direct Address Intonation
Tag Question Intonation
Two-Word Verb Stress

Liz's Exercise Program
/s/, as in side
/z/, as in zoo
Syllables and Word Stress
Third Person Singular Verb Endings
Linking and Reduction

The vowel /ey/ as in say and same

Questions with rising intonation

Phrase stress: two-word verbs

The consonant /t/ as in two and time

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